Texas A&M Cycling Team Endowment

Finally, YOU have a way to give to the Texas A&M Cycling Team Endowment online! givenow.tamu.edu

As you may, or may not know, the Texas A&M Cycling Team has started an endowment to guarantee the financial future of the team. We have four years left to get to our buy-in amount of $25,000. The link below is a way to give online. Of course you can always send a check to the Texas A&M Foundation and write “Cycling Team” in the memo line, but I have found the online way to be a lot easier. As always, donations to the endowment and the Texas A&M Foundation are tax deductible.

Once we reach the $25K mark, we can start earning interest on it. Somewhere in the 5-10% range. I think our timing will be perfect as the market will be beginning to turn around at that time. The interest earned then will be used for whatever the officers at the time deem appropriate. The endowment could help the team out with jerseys, lodging, or if we get enough in there, scholarships! We can never touch the principle, only the interest earned. If you have any questions, I would like to take this time to tell you to contact Mark Leaseburge who is our Treasurer at markymark55@gmail.com.

Here is the link and further directions:

  • Texas A&M Cycling Endowment
  • Click the “Select a Fund to Support” drop down near the bottom and under “Student Affairs” you will need to click on “Recreational Sports”
  • Click the “Select a College or Program” and click on Texas A&M Cycling Team Endowment”

I challenge everyone on to give the minimum ($25). That in itself will go a long ways. Don’t worry, Mark will be keeping us all updated on the progress of the endowment.

Steve “maybe your kid will reap the reward of this someday” Mitchell

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