TAMU Cycling Team 2021-2022

  1. How much time is required to be an active member on the team per week?
    1. We suggest you find the time to ride at least one time a week with the team or solo, but there is no time requirement to be a member.
  2. What is the required skill level?
    1. You do not need any prior cycling experience to have fun and ride with the team!
  3. What are dues?
    1. $100 for the entire year.
  4. Where to find AOR form
    1. sportclubs.tamu.edu/clubs/joinClub
  5. Is there a certain place to store bikes?
    1. The team does not have a specific place to store bikes, however we recommend you getting a bike lock and/or storing your bike in a corner of your room.
  6. Do we need to wear masks while riding in official group rides?
    1. No, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, you can.
  7. Do I need to sign up anywhere to ride with the team?
    1. We ask that you please fill out the AOR form and express interest in going out on a ride through the Slack channel.
  8. When do mountain bike members get together to ride?
    1. Mountain bikers typically get together on Sundays but any group rides will be posted on Slack.
  9. When and how can I get a team kit?
    1. Team kit orders will be available during the fall semester and posted on the Slack channel.
  10. Are there various levels of participation?
    1. YES, you can ride with riders of your skill level and decide which types of rides you want to go to throughout each week.
  11. Where can we find an updated schedule of the group rides?
    1. There is a schedule on the TAMU Cycling website and rides will be posted in the Slack channel.
  12. How do I learn more about the club? 
    1. Feel free to reach out to any of the officers at any time, join the team Slack channel, or attend organized club meetings.
  13. Is it possible to only ride in the Spring?
    1. Yes, you can join the team and ride with us whenever you are able to.
  14. How do I pay dues?
    1. Dues will be collected by the Treasurer, Ryan Kerch. 
    2. https://secure.touchnet.com/C21490_ustores/web/store_cat.jsp?STOREID=150&CATID=710
  15. How are group rides going to work?
    1. We will have group rides with a max of 10 riders per group and sign ups for each ride will be required to be documented on the Texas A&M Sports Clubs website.