Stolen Fuji is Back!

Club FujiThis is the story of how I got Fuji back. It’s not going to get made into a movie or even told over the listserve for years to come but I’m under some pressure to tell how I finally got him back so here goes.

Last spring while studying very very late for an exam in the Jack E. Brown building, Fuji was stolen from the bike rack outside. Yes, it was a cable lock and yes, I now have a Kryptonite U-lock. I reported it to the campus police the next day, gave them the most detailed description of a bike as you can possibly give and even printed out a picture for them. I had some hope but not a lot.

Fast-forward to today. I’m waking up from a nap and getting ready for my 3pm senior design studio when my phone goes off. It was a number and not a name so I ignored it. Then I left for class and sat down just before the prof arrived. My phone went off again and I saw several missed calls as well as a text. It read, “Was your bike a club fuji with a white toupe saddle? Downtube shifters? Cervelo Brakes?” and then another text read, “I’m 95% sure I found your bike. I’m behind Freebirds.” I immediately went into HOLY CRAP! mode and ran out into the hall to call whoever this was. As it turned out, it was one of my managers at Aggieland, Peru. We verified some facts about the bike (As if it was necessary. Who else in the world would have a Club Fuji with a Toupe saddle, Dura-ace 7800 rear derailleur, and Cervelo brakes) and I told him it would be hard to leave studio and if at all possible, he should call the cops since I had a police report on file. So that’s what he did.

About 20 minutes later I get a text asking me if I could come and meet with the cops. Luckily, class was just about to break up groups and go work on some things separately. I called Peru and he put me on the phone with the cop so he could do some sort of initial verification that it was in fact my bike.

Officer: Can you describe the saddle?

I took one of those Ace Ventura inhales and began to rattle off the specs.

Me: White, Specialized, Toupe, gel, 143mm width, has two silver plastic accent pieces at the rear of the saddle and one at the front.
Officer: Ok, what about the seat post?
Me: Bontrager Race X Lite
Officer: Alright, what about the chain-stay? Is there anything in particular there?
Me: Yeah it has a sticker from the New Belgium Brewery on the left chain-stay.
Officer:  (with the tone of amazement)

I skeedaddled outta the building I was in and over to Freebirds fast as I could. Upon arrival, I saw a cop moving my bike over to his patrol car with what looked like just some random student/dude next to him. I pulled up and said who I was. I was excited to see Fuji but immediately started doing a visual inventory: drivetrain rusty to say the least, bike dirty, maroon armadillo sidewalls faded, a few more scratches than before, all the Polar computer sensors missing, etc.

The guy said he bought it at a moving sale for $75. I informed him the rear derailleur alone was worth that much. The campus police showed up to finish off the job the city police had started since they were the one who had the original report. I told the kid I’d hook him up at Aggieland since he was liking the bike and the ride to campus from Rock Prairie. He mentioned how it rode real nice. I just smiled. Apparently he works at Freebirds so we’re going to try to do some sort of burritos for bike exchange when we decide what kind of deal he can get at the shop.

Well, that’s it. I’ve disassembled Fuji already and clean it a bit. It’ll need a full tune-up but should be ready to rock soon.

Tom “reunited and it feels so good” Schafer

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  1. I do know how one can get attached to a bike. Mine is just a $200 ‘Next’ —patched with duck tape. We’d be laughed off the course in any good race. But I love her. I had her repainted and renamed ‘JUDAS’ ‘THE BETRAYER’ after the 3dr time she put my in the aid station. On the life flight to Scott & White, I was having flash backs to Iraq. But I still won’t stop riding her.

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