SCCCC Track Race Recap #2.1

by Briggs Long

So my day at the Superdrome began a bit earlier than most, as my Dad wanted to re-take the development class they were offering that morning.  After a 4-hour class in the 100* degree heat, I was relieved to hear that racing wouldn’t start until 6pm that evening. As I returned to the Superdrome, I got my cat 4 upgrade (Whoop) and started getting prepped for the racing that would start soon.

Riders started showing trickling in as it grew closer to 6pm. Texas A&M had a great showing with 9 riders present. The University of Texas was also well represented, with MSU, U of H and OSU also in attendance. Due to the size of the Men’s B and Women’s fields, the two were combined to make the evening go faster.  The races for the evening were: 10k/15k points, Unknown distance, miss & out and an Italian pursuit.

As this would by my first foray into the world of track racing, I had one goal; don’t fall over. Well, two goals really- don’t fall over, and have fun. Before I knew it, the announcer was calling for Men’s B and Women to take positions on the rail for the start of the first race. For those who haven’t been in or seen a track race, they’re best described in one word – fast.  UT and OSU did well in all the first two Men’s B races, with Chris Standley (A&M) taking 2nd in the Miss-and-out and 3rd overall. A&M also dominated the Itialian pursuit, taking 1st place with the help of Shane Haga, Carlton Mathis, Andrew Carlberg and Nicole Brady.

For my first time riding around a velodrome, I cannot emphasize enough how much fun I had. Everyone should really come out and give it a try. I’m hooked and can’t wait for the final SCCCC track race down in Houston this weekend.

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