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I’m happy to announce that the Texas A&M Cycling Team has partnered with Bike Barn as our title sponsor for the 2016-2017 academic year!  It’s been a long road getting here and a lot of work has gone into this from both Bike Barn and the AMCT, but I think everyone will be happy with the end result.  For current members, our new partnership agreement includes:

+  20% off labor at Bike Barn
+  15% off parts and accessories at Bike Barn
+  Twice a year discounted team orders from Specialized for bikes and components
+  Newly redesigned Castelli kits for the AMCT, as well as replica kits that will be sold in all Bike Barn stores
+  Race day support at AMCT-hosted races and promotional consideration from Bike Barn
+  Discounted custom bike fits
+  In store events to help build team skills and knowledge

For those of you who haven’t visited the College Station branch of Bike Barn, I highly recommend stopping by sometime.  We’ve been extremely impressed with their community involvement, hosting group rides and partnering with and supporting local businesses.  A lot of the guys working there are Aggies and one of the owners of Bike Barn is an old Ag.  They have a strong sense of community and we’re excited to begin our new relationship.

We’re aware that this is a break from tradition, but a significant amount of time and thought has gone into this decision.  There’s a lot of love for Aggieland Cycling here at the AMCT, but after spending the better part of 6 months talking with Aggieland, Bike Barn, current AMCT members, and AMCT officers (both past and present!), we’ve come to the realization that this is the best move for the team.  If you want to discuss the reasoning in more detail feel free to shoot me an email.  Otherwise, I ask you to help me in welcoming Bike Barn to the AMCT family!

Eames ‘El Presidente’ Bennett

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