2022 Fall Season Updates

Howdy Everyone,
Here’s some announcements/updates from the fall racing semester, AMCT kit order details, and some info on how we’re trying to grow our alumni network! This is intended for all Texas A&M Cycling Team Alumni, so send it around. Let’s start with a quick season recap:

Fall 2022 Season

AMCT sent 5 members to Indianapolis to race in the Collegiate Track National Championships in early September. Even though most of the team had only limited track experience racing at the Alkek Velodrome, they persisted and took the Club Omnium National Championship! We’re super proud of our track Aggies and hope to continue showing the national level cycling schools what real team spirit looks like (also what wearing proper cowboy hats looks like).

Collegiate Track Nationals

The 2022 Mountain bike season came and went in a quick 3 back-to-back race weekends, and the racing had the intensity to match. A&M was on the podium for many races and categories, and the team claimed 3rd in the omnium for the season. One of our Men’s A riders claimed his second conference champion title, proving that consistency and resilience is key. Results aside, camping with the team and racing the night time trial at Warda were by far the best parts of the season. Turns out riding a mountain bike is way more fun when it’s pitch black outside.

Warda Mountain Bike Race

With the Mountain season coming to a close (no mountain nats this year for us), all of us are gearing up to roll into the off season and eventually start training for road races. We’re hoping we can get our new kits in before the base miles really start to ramp up.

Kit order

If you’d like to order a new AMCT kit, Here’s the link to the store: https://www.cutawayusa.com/collections/tamualumni
The password is TAMUALUMNI2022

These kits look super good in person, and they feel super good too. We’ve worked hard this year to get a kit design we’re happy with! This store will close on October 16th. AMCT receives some of the money from this kit order, so buying a kit helps support the team.

In addition to having our kit order open, we’re rebooting the AMCT White Jerseys. If you’d like to order a brand new White Jersey, please fill out this form and we’ll send you a link to order one and help subsidize white jerseys for current members. The deadline to order a white jersey is October 16th.
White Jersey Form: https://forms.gle/vhuaL4qYx7Z5JFa97

Alumni Network

If you’d like to help us connect to more alumni and/or receive email newsletters from the team, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/4a8arqmqxYNTjR9M6

Also, forward this message to everyone you might’ve known from your involvement with the team! We’d like to get the word out to everyone possible. My hope is that this reaches farther and farther back in AMCT history, and I’d love to reconnect and hear stories. If you’re looking for other ways to help out or donate to the team, shoot us an email at tamucycling@gmail.com! We also have some fresh T-Shirts to sell, just FYI 😉

2022 AMCT T-Shirt

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at ekemppainen@tamu.edu.
Thanks and Gig ’em
Evan “2 time” Kemppainen