Mops and Brooms: The Tale of the Final Reed Cleanup

With our motley crew of 21, we set upon the third and final Reed cleanup of the semester.  Kamps and Stearns made the haul down from Dallas to provide the last two workers when we couldn’t muster the numbers on our own–many thanks to them.

As we prepared to get to work, I rounded the corner and saw them: new brooms.  Guys, it’s the little things in life.  If anyone stood between me and one of those brooms I would have probably walked around them.  With brooms/vacs/drink buckets in hand (and powered by the XS blast energy drinks from Kamps), we hit the stands like we owned the place.  It was no coincidence that I signed us up for a women’s basketball night–there was little cleaning to be done.  The upper decks had even been roped off from fans, so we never even had to venture up there.

Sweeping was done in record time, so we backed the pace off a bit with the mopping.  Even still, we finished the mopping just after the 2 hour mark in a 4 hour cleanup.  So we mostly stood around for a bit debating about what it was we saw in the upper deck near the stairs.  Naturally, the competitive spirits in the group arose, and Shane would race Kona up the stairs and into the balcony to determine the source of our curiosity.

So they took off.  Shane was quickly racing up the lower deck as Kona made the turn at the bottom to head up the stairs.  He temporarily forgot about the freshly mopped floor….

He was reminded of the freshly mopped floor.

And on the way down, he took out a mop bucket, giving us another task for the next ten minutes.  With 4 hours of work done in 2.5, our supervisor gave us the task of cleaning the handrails.  By this point, we were efficient at finding the least efficient method for tasks such as this, and stretched it out for another half hour, then mercy was cast upon us and we were let go.

The truly adventurous then went to Antonios for some pizza and people watching.  And now I’m going to bed!  Thanks again to everyone that participated in these cleanups.

Chad “we’ve become too good at what we do” Haga

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